Bangladesh Day Celebration

The Bangladesh Day Parade was selected and unanimously approved by the attendees of the BUFLA meeting on October 1, 2006, from the following 16 different suggested options:

  1. Bangladesh Parade day (Proposed by Dr. M. A. Hashem)
  2. Bijoy Dibosh
  3. Boishakhi Mela
  4. Borsho Boron (Welcoming the New Year)
  5. BUFLA Day (on the last Saturday or Sunday of July)
  6. Celebrate on a long weekend (like Memorial day, Independence day, or Labor day)
  7. Desh prem Dibosh (Love for Country Day)
  8. Language Day
  9. Nabi day (Prophet’s day)
  10. Nari Dibosh (Begum Rokea Day)
  11. Nazrul Day
  12. Pohela boishakh
  13. Probashi Dibosh
  14. Shadhinota Dibosh (Independence day of Bangladesh)
  15. 1st Sunday of Boishakh
  16. 14th April Pohela Boishakh

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