Frequently Asked Questions about BUFLA

Is BUFLA a non-profit organization?

Yes. BUFLA is an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit Tax Exempt Public Benefit Corporation. Donation to BUFLA is Tax Deductible.

How does BUFLA fund itself for its programs and activities?

BUFLA relies on the support of the Bangladeshi-American community members and non-members in all forms.

Can I donate on the BUFLA website?

Yes. For the ease to make your donation, the BUFLA website has included a page where you can securely use your credit/debit card.

Can I become a member of BUFLA?

Yes. All Bangladeshi-Americans can become active members of BUFLA through their respective organizations or socio-cultural groups.

Is BUFLA involved with community welfare activities?

Yes. BUFLA is intimately involved with various community welfare activities, such as Charity programs for victims of natural disasters, Free Health Clinics, Supporting community organizations and groups. There are more activities to come in the upcoming days.

How long BUFLA has been active as an organization?

BUFLA has been established in 2006 and is active ever since.

Can non-Bangladeshi origin California resident become BUFLA member?

BUFLA is currently open to all organizations and socio-cultural groups of Bangladeshi-American residents for its membership though it is open to all in the annual Bangladesh Day Parades.

What does the Bangladesh Day Parade signify?

BUFLA Bangladesh Day Parades stand for Unity in the Community. It is to express the community aspiration to stand tall and united as a vibrant community, with modesty and strengths, in front of the broader society of this great Nation.

What are the requirements to become a BUFLA member organization?

All Bangladeshi organizations of the greater Los Angeles area which meet the BUFLA definition and criteria of organization, as stated in the BUFLA Constitution, Article V, Section A, are automatically BUFLA Honorary Members. Please read the consitution which is available at the BUFLA Forms menu from Meetings navigation button.

Is BUFLA politically affiliated with national or Bangladeshi politics?

No, BUFLA is strictly not affiliated to any political entities.

Is BUFLA religiously biased?

No, BUFLA is strictly not biased on religion, color, creed of any Bangladeshi-American residents.

Can Bengalis of Indian-American communities be involved in BUFLA?

Yes. BUFLA has been blessed by the participation of Bengalis of Indian-American communities, many of them are directly or indirectly related to California residents of Bangladeshi origin.

Does BUFLA provide its financial report on the website?

Yes. Please browse the Forms / Archives menu from Meetings navigation button for details.

Am I required to log in to access BUFLA documents?

BUFLA website makes a number of documents available for all visitors that can be accessed without creating and logging in to a user account.

How easy is the process of account creation?

It is a very simple process. Please click on the Membership menu option from the Members navigation button

How frequently BUFLA website is updated?

BUFLA website has quarterly website updates scheduled. However, if you detect and report a problem with the website BUFLA will fix it and update you as soon as possible.

Can I download pictures from BUFLA website?

Yes. You can download any pictures for non-commercial use with or without being logged on to your account.

Can I download songs from BUFLA website?

Yes. You can download any songs for non-commercial use with or without being logged on to your account.

Are my login information secure?

BUFLA maintains members privacy as mandated by the federal government agencies and BUFLA website is properly secured while it does not restrict your browsing.

What browser do I need for browsing the BUFLA website?

Though all major browsers have been tested on BUFLA website, Mozilla Firefox is likely to give better browsing experience. Internet Explorer version 9 or up is recommended.

Is there any secured documents available that I can download from BUFLA website?

Yes. Though BUFLA website provides most of the documentation for all visitors, there are certain documents that a properly authenticated visitor can only access and download. Please email support@bufla.com in such case by clicking on the BUFLA Documents link on left panel of any pages under the Meetings. Please click on the Forms / Archives menu from Meetings navigation button. You can alternately click on the Contact Form menu from Contact Us navigation button

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