BUFLA CabinetPlus Team

The BUFLA Constitution 1st Amendment has added BUFLA CabinetPlus Team under the Section 8:

The Cabinet officers may choose to include some additional EC members and AC/BOT members to their periodic Cabinet meetings and other activities, who can help the Cabinet members in their various activities. This team of Cabinet Officers and the EC/AC/BOT members can be referred to as Cabinet Plus team. The Cabinet Plus may have the following characteristics:

  1. Only the EC, AC and BOT members can join the Cabinet Plus team
  2. Recently departed Cabinet members will automatically be included in the Cabinet Plus.
  3. The Cabinet has the discretionary authority for the formation and dissolution of the Cabinet Plus.
  4. A Cabinet Plus will only be valid for a term in parallel to the Cabinet or less than that of the Cabinet.
  5. Cabinet Plus members shall attend the CabinetPlus meetings as deemed necessary by the Cabinet.
  6. Cabinet Plus members shall have voting right in any issue that needs to be resolved in a CabinetPlus meeting, which does not require to be carried out by the EC members in the EC/GA meeting.

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