The greatest good that BUFLA has delivered is a FORUM

In its strive to open up, listen, and hear objective suggetions seeking self-improvment, BUFLA formed an “indpependent body” of Advisors, known as “ADVISORY COUNCIL”. The “Chair” existed since 2007, but the “Council of Advisors” was fromed in 2014. The esteemed members were drawn from the Community. They were meticulously selected, based on any one or more of the four distinct criteria, crafted with an acronym “RPWC”: (R)eputation in society, (P)hilanthropy, (W)isdom to advice, and (C)ontribuitons to mainstram and Bangladeshi Communities.

The Council is an OPEN Forum, without a limit of number of good-willed and wise members of our vibrant Community who are willing and able to engage in ushering in “Change” they want and guide BUFLA to new heights.If you’d like to nominate a member, or desire to be one, please contact or Chair of Advisory Council at omarhuda@aol.com

BUFLA – Bangladesh Unity Fererationof Los Angeles is a “Federartion of Organizations” of Bangladeshi-American origin in Greater Los Angles. Formed in 2006 by a group of motivated individuals led by Dr. Mhabub Khan, to build a forum in which all Los Angeles based Banladeshi organizatioscould come under one large tent, once a year, to march shoulder to shoulder, as one community. We do this side by side with invited guests from the mainstream Angelinoes. That is how BUFLA has projected our vibrant communty year after year, and established relations both with other communities and our government represntatives in the City ans State.

Nine years in excistence in 2015, look around and witness the colorful 9th Bangladesh Day Parade. Proudly marching along the streets of “Little Bangladesh”, covering two major streets of the Metropolis, with thousands of proud Bangladeshi-Americans in contingents holding organizational banners, horses, floats, flowers, giant flags, side by side with delegates from the City of Los Angeles and members of various ethnic communities that make up our Great Metropolis of the City of Angels, BUFLA marches on festively to celebrate Bangaldesh Independnce Day.This is a testimony to patriotism of the land we came from, and our new adopted homeland. Are you not yet a part of it?

Most know BUFLA for this main annual signature event. But the Ferderation has expanded its activities way beyond the Annual Parade. Every year, BUFLA organizes local and international Charities, free Heath Clinic, Commuity Iftar, Formal Annual Dinner and new events added every year.

But the greatest good that BUFLA has delivered is a FORUM. Once a month, leaders of all member organizations sit around a round table at BUFLA’s own office at 1133 Vermont Steet #220 in the heart of Los Angeles, to discuss, debate, vote, shape and fromulate BUFLA strategies and policies. They are the “Excecutive Committee [EC]”, the main force behind BUFLA. The meetings and activities are led by a Cabinet, who earn their honorable seats though elctions overseen by an independed body called the “Board of Trustee (BOT)”. Several times a year, a “General Aeembly” meeting is held where all members- Executive, Asscoiate, General - along with members of the Community-at-large meet, question, discuss current and future role and activites of BUFLA. All of this is guided by BUFLA Constitution that took years in the nmaking and lays out general guidelines and some executable specifics . Everyting is trasparent and is available at the informative web site www.BUFLA.com.

None of these existed in the large, ever-growing and vibrant Bangladeh Community in Los Angeles before 2006. We saw a community embrioled in disarray, fights and unhealthy competition. This sea change that BUFLA effected, did not come in a day. BUFLA has evolved through dexterous hard work and monetary contributions of volunteers who make up BUFLA, with support from large segments of the Community-at-large. Year after year, BUFLA has gone through trials, some leading to seriuos crisis. BUFLA survived them all though deliberations, intense negotiatins and civil discourse. BUFLA exists and thrives!

All of this is the rosy story. But there is another side. There are still large segments of the Bangladeshi Community who either do not know, or is apathetic to BUFLA. And then there are others who are defiantly opposed to it. Some even opine that “Instead of unifying the Community, BUFLA devides it!!”Some small segments openly inimical to BUFLA comprise essentailly of two vocal groups: One who were disciplined or expelled from BUFLA for violating its Constitution; and another engaged in importing Bangldesh politics here in Los Angeles and have little interest in the Community here.

BUFLA keeps it doores open to ALL members of the Community, at all times, to come in and sit down at the open BUFLA forum and hold it to civil challenge and try and make the change they seek. No doubt some complaints are genuine, and some simply outrageous. But BUFLA has been, and is open to any civil face-to-face discourse.


It is in this drive, BUFLA in 2014, formed this“indpependent body” of Advisors, known as “ADVISORY COUNCIL (AC)” drawn and meticulously selected from the Community.

This “indpependent body” of Advisors is led by a Chair person, selected by the Executive Committee (EC) with a THREE YEARS’ term. The Chair, with suggestions from BUFLA members, or on his own accord, proposes names of potential candidates to serve on the Council. Once approved by the EC, the Chair invites them in to this auspicious body. The members serve with no term limit. They agree to abide by the general guidelines of BUFLA Constitution and commit to meet at least twice in a year and participate in major BUFLA events.

In one or both Advisory Council meetings, BUFLA President with his Cabinet, presents “State of the Federation” and “Future Goals” and answers questions and comments from the Council.

Periodically, the Advisory Council, through its offline and formal discussions, may formulate official “Advisory Directives” to the President. These directives are purely “ADVISORY”, but the President is expected to bring its contents to the Cabinet C+ Committee, and if deemed necessary, to the Executive Committee for discussion or implementaiton in part or full.

The Advisory Council, formed by members are known to be honest brokers with sincerity to improve BUFLA, and are not involved in BUFLA’s day-to-day internal affairs. This is an idea born out of sincre desire by BUFLA leaders to seek objective opinion and advice drawn from the general Community.

The “advice” that the Council freely offers, will have that singular purpose: To bring in real improvements, both in macro and micro level. It is in this spirit, the Council may step in and offer suggestions AND brokerage in the event of serious crisis. With “uninvolved” and “impartial” views, the Council offers a valuable and objective input that BUFLA did not have in resolving its past crisis points.

Beyond that, the Council sits on a “throne of ornament”, affording a level of respecatability for BUFLA to the Community-at-large and to the mainstream community in particluar.

This is the second year of an active BUFLA Advisory Council. It is an open body with no size and term limit. All BUFLA members, and even the Community members are welcome to suggest names based on the critaria and principles mentioned above. Let us pray and wish the Council a long, healthy and contributive life.


AC Chair 2016-2019

AC Chair 2013-2016

AC Chair 2011-2013

AC Chair 2009-2011

Sqn. Ldr. (retd.) Muhammad Zaman

Email: mn_zaman@yahoo.com
Phone: 626-253-2262

Col. (Retd.) Omar Huda (Chairman)

Email: Omarhuda@aol.com
Phone: 818-689-0445

Dr. Kali Pradip Chaudhuri (Chairman)

Email: not available
Phone: 951 683 5988 (R)

Dr. Mahbub Khan (Chairman)

Email: mahbubkhan@ieee.org
Phone: 408 859 3566 (C)


Col. (Retd.) Omar Huda (Chairman)

Email: Omarhuda@aol.com
Phone: 818-689-0445

Dr. Mahbub Khan

Email: mahbub@ieee.org
Phone: 408-859-3566

Mohammed A. Hasan

Email: hasaneng@dslextreme.com
Phone: 805-218-5574

Karim Chaudhury

Email: kchaudhury@aol.com
Phone: 805-358-9635

Dr. Khalid Mahmud

Email: kmahmud@yahoo.com
Phone: 951-315-2608

Shaw Ali

Email: shawali2009@gmail.com
Phone: 951-279-4741

Flt. Lt. (retd.) Fida Hossain

Email: fida.hossain@e2logicx.com
Phone: 951-283-4917

Sqn. Ldr. (retd.) Muhammad Zaman

Email: mn_zaman@yahoo.com
Phone: 626-253-2262

Rumi Sulaiman

Email: rumisolaiman@yahoo.com
Phone: 909-921-9191

Ziaur Rahman

Email: ziaur1rahman@gmail.com

Position Open


Position Open





Professor Quazi Nasiruddin

Email: not available
Phone: not available

Dr. Sirajullah

Email: sirajulmo@yahoo.com
Phone: 909 537 5789 (C)


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