Mayor in Parade Front- BDParade 2007

Flag Hoisting - BDParade 2009

Shykh Seraj & Dignitaries - BDParade 2009


BUFLA Mission and Goals

BUFLA Mission:

BUFLA is a Federation of many different Bangladeshi Organizations of Greater Los Angeles Area in California, USA. BUFLA is the symbol of Unity among the healthy diversity of our multi-talented community and beyond. BUFLA synergizes the mutual benefit of our great community through;

  1. Unity,
  2. Charity,
  3. Community development and
  4. Bangladesh Day Parade,

in order to lift up our motherland Bangladesh and our homeland USA.

BUFLA Goals:

1. Unity:

To promote Unity, Harmony and Discipline, and to synergize the mutual benefits among the multi-talented and healthy diversity of our Bangladeshi community in the greater Los Angeles area and beyond, and to lift up our motherland Bangladesh and our homeland USA in front of the broader Society of this great Nation.


2. Charitable projects locally and globally:

  1. Blanket distribution to the needy in winter
  2. Distribution of clothes and other necessary items to the needy and homeless
  3. Feed the homeless and needy
  4. Distribution of computers and other educational items to the needy students
  5. eGrant scholarships for the needy and meritorious students of the community
  6. Hold Health Clinic and Fair to educate and serve the members of the community
  7. Offer Family Counseling, arrange shelter for the victims of family violence
  8. Offer financial help to needy families for burial expenses and grave-plot.

3. Community development project:

  1. Legal services of various kinds
  2. Immigration services
  3. Routine Health care services
  4. Job training classes and facilitate networking for jobs
  5. Citizenship exam preparation classes<
  6. STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics
  7. Youth Science Fair and Leadership development projects
  8. (i) BUFLA Office and
    (ii) Community Center

4. Bangladesh Day Parade:

To display a Spectacular Annual Bangladesh Independence Day Parade and Festival on the last weekend of every March, on the major roads of Los Angeles, California, USA.

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