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BUFLA EC/GA Meeting Decorum

Cabinet, AC & BOT members must arrive before 2:00 PM.

EC/Associate/Honorary members are encouraged arrive before 2:00 PM .

2:00 PM-3:00 PM-Socialization and lunch/snacks.

3:00 PM-Meeting starts sharply.

Announcement to all meeting attendees will be made at the beginning of the meeting about protocols and codes of conduct of the meeting Disciplinary measures will also be announced.

No updating of the meeting process to any tardy (late) attendees.

Time allotment to all agenda items will be announced President will allot time to each of the agenda.

Time constraints will be announced to all members interested to take part in discussion or to deliver speech President will allot a maximum of 3 (three) minutes to each of the speakers.

Attendees will need to indicate that he/she is interested to have the floor Interested names will be noted and President will allot time to speak.

Anybody starts talking without permission will be asked to stop.

Any irrelevant talk will be discouraged during the meeting.

Timer will go off at the end of the time allotted to the speaker The speaker will be alerted that he/she must finish.

Floor will be distributed to interested speakers and repeating speakers may have the floor if there is no time constraint.

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