Bangladesh Unity Federation of Los Angeles (BUFLA), the symbol of unity among the healthy diversity of our Bangladesh community in the state of California. This symbol of unity is very precious for ourselves, as well as for our children and grand children, so that they can see good examples in ourselves.

BUFLA symbolizes effective unity through (a) a resourceful Website, (b) an annual joint event of celebration, and (c) to address certain special needs of the community through a set of talented Sub-Committees.

BUFLA helps to promote all organizations and their programs and events in a relatively more synchronized way.

BUFLA enhances the network, synergy and mutual benefit of our enormously multi-talented community and extensively resourceful community, through mutual respect and goodwill gesture.

BUFLA stands for Unity in the Community to stand tall and united as a vibrant community, with modesty and strengths, in front of the broader Society of this great Nation.